Ileana D'Cruz; Image source Official Ileana D'Cruz Instagram

The crowning glory

Some people are born with naturally gorgeous hair. We all have friends who we have a hair crush on. Sometimes they are men but most times it’s a woman whose bouncy, soft and perfectly gardened or just simply wild hair we cannot get over. When we saw Ileana D’Cruz‘s recent instagram hair images, we could not not think about all the beautiful ladies in Indian … Continue reading The crowning glory

Kangana Ranaut: #PrettyGirlSwag for Livon Serum

Pretty Girl Swag!

This is an absolutely gorgeous execution of an ad. The new #PrettyGirlSwag Livon Serum ad featuring Kangana Ranaut looks more like a top-notch, well produced music video. Great styling, beautifully shot and completely stepping up to the title, the campaign seems to have struck the right chords. What immediately jumps out in the ad is how it eases you into it. Kangana looks like a million dollar … Continue reading Pretty Girl Swag!

Nidhi Singh's tips for greathari

5 Quick & Easy Things To Keep Your Hair Strong, Stylish & Healthy

Actor Nidhi Singh of Permanent Roommates fame, gives us her five golden tips to keep your hair strong and stylish   Have fun: I think it’s great to have fun with your hair. There was a point when my hair had blue streaks and I loved it! Also, understand your hair type and use products and cut it accordingly. TLC: Repair and moisturize it especially after it has … Continue reading 5 Quick & Easy Things To Keep Your Hair Strong, Stylish & Healthy