Ileana D'Cruz; Image source Official Ileana D'Cruz Instagram

The crowning glory

Some people are born with naturally gorgeous hair. We all have friends who we have a hair crush on. Sometimes they are men but most times it’s a woman whose bouncy, soft and perfectly gardened or just simply wild hair we cannot get over. When we saw Ileana D’Cruz‘s recent instagram hair images, we could not not think about all the beautiful ladies in Indian … Continue reading The crowning glory

Malabar Gold; Image source:

Women In Gold

What is it about gold that makes it immortal? Gives it a Godlike reverence? Makes women bite their tongue in sheer adoration? A gold lover knows how it can light up your face, the medicinal qualities it possesses and the ancient, pious and unbroken ritual of passing it down to the next generation. Our grandmothers who spent their most important occasions and precious moments wearing … Continue reading Women In Gold

DD Days!

Did you know that hoarseness in the throat is caused by this little¬†khich khich¬†monster who loves to play in there? ūüėȬ†Let’s go back to the golden olden¬†Black &White Tube¬†Doordarshan days when branding was a bit easier compared to today; ads were simple, and things like clear USP,¬†needs¬†vs.¬†wants, and brand¬†image¬†loyalty¬†existed. No sci-fi graphics or 100s of eye-grabbing prime times,¬†no¬†star-studded¬†endorsements or¬†crores of remunerations (and definitely no unskippable … Continue reading DD Days!