About Indian Ad Divas

Ever wonder what’s the name of the model or the actress in your favorite ad is?

Indian Ad Divas is here to give all you ad lovers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities whom we see almost everyday on the media, but know so little about. These beautiful divas sparkle every day on television sets, newspapers, magazines, mobiles, Internet, cinemas and hoardings to enliven products/ services and help the brand recall!

IAD also publishes news, feature stories and exclusive interviews of advertising professionals successful in the endorsement industry – models discovered through auditions, beauty pageants and talent hunts, film actresses, television and theatre artists, showbiz and fashion models, fashion stylists, cinematographers, ad film directors, producers, makeup artists, singers, emcees, voice artists, food stylists among others.

Photos and videos are for visual purpose only. Special thanks to all the brands, ad film makers, creators, visualizers, designers, photographers, and YouTube ad videos uploaders for the wonderful visual treat. Demand elaborated credits!

Owner and Writer – Wajendhar R Kulkarni

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