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A walk down model and actor Charu Priya Sengupta’s life

Her simplicity becomes her prowess; her sincerity her weapon to get to her goal and her lighthearted demeanor is icing on the cake. Charu Priya Sengupta has a way to include you in her life and her journey like it’s your own story and your own journey.

IAD spoke to this scintillating actor and model to find out how she found her way into the movies!

Model and actor Charu Priya Sengupta
Model and actor Charu Priya Sengupta
What’s the one thing about Bombay you love? How long have you been living there?

It’s been three years. Actually, the third year is still running (chuckles). I was studying in Pune and I am originally from Ranchi. I have always been travelling across India as my dad was in the Defence. My primary schooling was done in Jammu and then I started my schooling in Ranchi and I studied Fashion Designing in Pune.

How did you get into the modelling industry and what’s been your journey?

I am a trained Kathak dancer. So I would enroll myself in competitions and explore more and more dance forms. I was going for a competition in Ranchi itself and the organisers showed my profile to a pageant that was happening at the time and asked me if I wanted to do it. It was different so I did it. I later realised that it was Miss Ranchi contest. I didn’t win but I was the second runner up and that brought me work from event organisers, pageants, campaigns and shoots.

The biggest break however came with Miss Maxim. This is a US magazine and they were releasing their Indian edition and adding more of Indian models. It was more celebrity based and less modelling. Being a part of the magazine gave me a lot of exposure. We had great sponsors such as Kamasutra. I met a director who was doing a Kamasutra 3D movie. Internationally it’s released. This director approached me for another movie which went to Cannes. This movie is called Monologues Of An Indian Sex Maniac.

The Maxim Cover
The Maxim Cover

What is the movie about?

This is based on a rape case that happened in Delhi. The accused turns out to be mentally ill; his medical tests show that he is not right in his head and hence he raped the girl. There is a Hollywood movie called Maniac which is about people who are sexually very active; they are violent and they indulge in rape. This movie Monologues Of An Indian Sex Maniac is about a guy who is suffering from something similar like in the Hollywood movie. He has been sexually harassed as a child and he sees sex in a very different way.

I am playing a nurse in the movie and nursing him and while I take care of him, he falls in love with me but with the intention of getting physical and then things change. He then starts experiencing different colours that life has to offer. I play a lively and sensitive character in the movie and I make him understand the meaning of life because I know he is suffering.

Charu Priya Sengupta tells her story
Charu Priya Sengupta tells her story

What are you working on at the moment?

I am doing a lot of catalogs because of the festival season. I have already signed another movie called Karma with the same director. This is again a story revolving around Karma and this one will be released in India for sure. The movie also includes actors such as Shakti Kapoor. We have shot for the film already and are left with a few more parts which will be only done after Diwali. This is my third movie. My second movie was Three Atrangi Jai Veeru Gabbar. All new comers and this is hopefully releasing by the end of this month.

What’s your tip to newcomers in this industry?

You have to be very patient because this industry takes time for you to establish and learn things. I have given many fake auditions. They give you some script and ask you to act, give you dates but actually nothing is happening. I have no idea why they do it. Now when people talk to me I can tell if the person is really interested in casting me or if it’s just a fake audition. The way to know this is cross-question them and ask them detailed things and you won’t get an answer. This is a clear sign.

What’s a hobby that you have always had not connected to your profession?

I collect coins. I specifically collect all the old coins 1 paisa, 5 paisa, 10 paisa and I think we see a lot of variations with 1 rupee coins and 5 rupee coins in the last seven years. So I have been collecting all the possible variations. I was thinking of putting up an exhibition after 20-30 years when this will have more value. The 5 rupee coins for instance have tributes to certain people, for instance Rabindranath Tagore.

Charu Priya Senguptas work with print
Charu Priya Senguptas work with print
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