Forough Karimea

Neither I want to clutter this blog with International models, nor disappoint the stumblers who end up here! So, mentioning the names of the ad divas who I know or remember shouldn’t hurt?! Besides the list on the right is too short to be delightful! :-/

Expect a story on these divas soon…

Forough Karimea – endorses Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri and Dove Elixir Precious Hair Oil commercials:

TBZ Print Ad:


Dove Precious Hair Oil TVC:


From foreign with love! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Forough Karimea

  1. Thank you!! I’ve been searching long to find who the elegant lady is..all TBZ jewelery photos are like ones from a fairy tale! Very lovely..


  2. Their large ears, and small mouths are a reminder to listen more than we speak.
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